Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following given terms and conditions are presumed to be agreed upon by the core service provider (PrimeWikiWriters) and the service buyer (Customer). These terms and conditions will also be a part of the service agreement shared with you during your first purchase at PrimeWikiWriters. However, if you have not received a copy of your service agreement, please send an email to support@primewikiwriters.com.

  • The following conditions are agreed upon by your use of the service provided by 'Primewikiwriters' and the core services it offers.

  • You are of legal age or older as per the laws of different local regions.

  • You have accepted and read the detailed terms and conditions before purchasing our service(s).

  • You have agreed to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.


Website: It refers to all content available on www.primewikiwriters.com

Company: It refers to Online Wikipedia Publisherss

Service: It refers to the person purchasing the service or the company on whose behalf the service has been purchased.

Work:This refers to the content, design, websites, and other digital products produced.

Our Services At Online Wikipedia Publisherss, we offer a variety of services to suit any digital marketing and content needs. From Wikipedia consultancy through ghostwriting and web design & development all the way to virtual design - you name it. Before ordering our expert-level solutions, please take a few moments to review our Terms & Conditions.

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Our website will focus on certain notions, including:

  • Ownership of work

  • Original content

  • Reactivation of account

  • Guarantees

  • Refund policy

  • Service agreement

  • Support

Ownership of work

Online Wikipedia Publisherss provides the expertise of writers, designers, developers, and marketers. Payment is required for these services, yet full ownership will not be transferred until payment in its entirety has been received. Partial payments hold on to existing company ownership rights.

Information and confidentiality

Online Wikipedia Publisherss offer many services that require the safeguarding of customer data. To ensure complete privacy, all contact and personal information are kept confidential in order to produce excellent results for our customers. It is imperative to understand that certain information in some cases should be released, which includes:

Disclosure notices on the platform of Wikipedia in compliance with its policies

The content and design published online should be based on the service agreement.

Content originality

Online Wikipedia Publisherss safeguards the integrity of every project with its top-of-the-line plagiarism checker. We understand that including citations, public statements, and other terminology can confuse our system, but don't worry, as our customers need only contact their assigned account manager to receive an official report on any material flagged as potential plagiarism.

Reactivation of account

We make sure that different accounts are deactivated if the customer is unresponsive for 6 months. However, we can be also reactive the accounts via an email to your respective account manager.


It should be noted that Online Wikipedia Publisherss is an individual identity and hold no direct association with Wikipedia Foundation. We do not assume any guarantees. We also do not offer assurances beyond the following notions:

  • An assessment of notability and eligibility based on the policies provided by the Wikipedia community.

  • Deep internet scan and research to find different viable independent sources of information.

  • Submission of the quality draft according to the content standards of the Wikipedia manual of style.

  • Compliance with different Wikipedia policies regarding paid contributions.

Refund Policy

Online Wikipedia Publisherss provides different services related to Wikipedia along with certain other notions, including digital marketing, content writing, web design, and development. The company

  • We will proceed with a partial refund of 5% in case of failure to publish the Wikipedia page.

  • A full refund will be delivered to the client for the notability assessment report, and Wikipedia drafts are not delivered to the client within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Suppose the Wikipedia page is deleted due to certain complications or failure to comply with different content or editing guidelines within the first 30 days of publication. In that case, the company will attempt to republish the page. If the page is not republished within the communicated timeframe, the company will issue a full refund to the customer.

Cases in which the company will not be offering refunds

There are certain scenarios where refunds cannot be processed. These scenarios are discussed below:

  • If you have purchased only notability assessment services and/or draft writing services without publication, unfortunately, no refund will be available if your subject fails to meet the criteria. However, a refund may be requested if either our Notability Assessment Report or Wikipedia Article Draft is delayed beyond its specified timeframe.

  • Suppose a company has identified an inadequate level of notability associated with customer-requested content yet still publishes it on their platform in spite of this warning, and the page fails to meet standards for publication. In that case, no refunds will be provided or further attempts made.

  • Our services require prompt customer engagement; to provide complete assurance, customers must fill out the provided questionnaire within 3 days of purchasing. Unfortunately, refunds are unavailable to ensure satisfaction and convenience should this requirement be left unmet.

  • Our company does not issue refunds for customers who have unsuccessfully endeavored to previously publish a Wikipedia page, whether through previous attempts or due to administrative protection and/or deletion.

  • Our company is unable to provide any refund for edits made by customers that led to the deletion of their Wikipedia page. This applies regardless if these changes are implemented directly, through a customer's representative or a contracted third-party service provider.

  • A customer cannot attain a refund in the case of a change of mind.

  • We strive to provide a personalized customer experience. Therefore our policy does not allow for refunds if there has been no response from the customer for more than 5 consecutive contact attempts or after 6 months of inactivity.

  • Suppose customers want lasting support for their Wikipedia page. In that case, our company recommends investing in maintenance after the first 30 days of publication - no refund will be provided if the page is removed prior to that point.

Service Agreement

The company and its customers may enter into a service agreement in certain circumstances. The terms of this contract can be subject to alteration or exemption based on mutual understanding between both parties.